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Interview with Duca Savino - Il Mio Salotto - Part 1

Luca, aka Duca Savino, is one of the regular artists of Il Mio Salotto and I had the pleasure and honour of hosting him at my own place for an interview.

Luca and I met through mutual friends, a few months before the launch of Il Mio Salotto, last August, and we decided to start working together without ever having seen each other in person. For some people it might be crazy, but as I have learned to do over the years, I simply followed my 'gut feelings'.

Luca is first and foremost an artist, a pure and sincere person, and this can be seen and felt in this interview. We talked about his experience abroad in Granada, about his particular technique of oil on gold and commented together about some of his works that you can find in our gallery clicking here.

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I have drafted some questions beforehand, which Luca did not want to see in order not to lose spontaneity.

This choice had a positive impact on the interview, because we felt free to share our ideas, feelings and experiences without constraints, so much so that the interview lasted almost an hour and we divided it into two parts.

I'm really happy that Luca put his faith in Il Mio Salotto for its promotion, also because, in addition to focusing on his artworks, it is very important for us to be able to convey the person and the artist behind them. We hope we have succeeded with this first part of the interview.

Enjoy! If this interview has piqued your curiosity, and you have questions to learn more about Luca and the story behind his works, please write to us at info@ilmiosalotto.com

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