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Frida Castelli: the interview

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When your artwork is inspired by the desire to communicate your feelings to the person you love, even the answers to a simple interview speak from the heart.

Image from Frida Castelli's Instagram account

In December, I wrote about one of my favourite artists and illustrators, Frida Castelli. I showed you, with my own eyes and my own words, the feelings and eros told through her delicate and sensual illustrations.

You can read the article "Frida Castelli: feelings and eros told with delicate and sensual illustrations" by clicking HERE.

I had the honour of interviewing her and I am pleased to be able to share her answers with you:

Did you have any artistic education or did you start out as an autodidact?

I have an artistic background, which gave me the basis for going into the technical aspects that are indispensable in my work. I still continue to study and train after school.

When and why did you decide to share your illustrations with the world? Did you already sell them before you created your online shop?

I started sharing my drawings online because it was one of the ways I used to communicate my feelings to the person I loved who was far away from me at the time. The shop came later. As time went by, my drawings, which were intended for one person only, for some reason aroused the interest of many other people who felt the need to share them more widely and tangibly.

Are your illustrations a result of your imagination or do they refer to events that really happened to you personally?

Each of my illustrations describes a situation and an emotion that I have experienced personally.

Images from Frida Castelli's Instagram account @fridacastelli

Considering that artists, like all of us, have an ego component, do you ever feel uncomfortable with the fact that your identity is unknown?

The fact that little is known about me is a choice I had to make in order to feel free to express myself as much as possible. I believe that anonymity, especially in a time like this, when so many people are looking for visibility at any cost, is a great virtue that I embrace, share and try to protect as best I can.

Have you ever thought of having an exhibition of your work?

My works have been exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Malmo, Milan. At the moment I am not planning any new exhibitions.

What other artists, contemporary and otherwise, do you admire?

I like the figurative poetry of Egon Schiele, the power of Roberto Ferri's paintings, the emotional tension of Edward Hopper.

What is sex for you and what is love for you?

Sex is instant gratification, love is an exercise in eternal happiness. Both, together, have an explosive power.

Images from Frida Castelli's Instagram account @fridacastelli

Would you like to collaborate with another artist? If so, with whom?

For me, working on an illustration is a very intimate act, a moment in which I need to isolate myself, to feel, and it is a path that I am not able, at the moment, to share with another person.

Have you always worked in art, or have you done other jobs in your life?

I have always worked in other sectors and I continue to diversify my activities because I am afraid that basing myself solely on the profit of sales will take away the spontaneity of my designs.

Images from Frida Castelli's Instagram account @fridacastelli

Would you like to give us your opinion on our project www.ilmiosalotto.com ? The whole team is very happy that you have accepted this interview!

The project is really very interesting and I will continue to follow it with enthusiasm.

What is your greatest wish for 2022 at work?

I have always wanted to convert my work into something useful for the community. In my own small way, that is what I have always done. I have often used my work to support causes I believe in. So, to be able to have a greater impact in order to raise awareness for as many people as possible and in a more decisive way would be a great achievement.


I am really happy to have interviewed Frida, I have been following her for years and I really love her illustrations. We at Il Mio Salotto hope one day to be able to interview her again, not in person, otherwise we would reveal her identity, maybe in the Metaverse...

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