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ArtePadova - Cupydo, Sara Arnaout and Art Luxury

the artistic trio brings the first CRYPTO SCULPTURE NFT to the fair

The first of four days dedicated to modern and contemporary art kicks off today with the 32nd edition of ArtePadova.

Four days dedicated to art, with over 15,000 works on display on 28,000 square metres of exhibition space, the participation of over 300 exhibitors and an average of 26,000 visitors per year, in one of Europe's most productive exhibition districts with a strong national and international resonance. 
ArtePadova is not only an important stage for established or emerging artists, but also for emerging talents who will be present in the Contemporary Art Talent Show section.

Among the works on display on 28,000 square metres, also on offer in terms of investment, are works by Picasso, De Pisis, Rosai, de Chirico, Guttuso, Warhol, Sironi, Giò Pomodoro, Balla, Guidi, Morandi, Vedova, Rotella, Ligabue and many others. Street art artists such as Tony Gallo and Bansky and showbiz personalities such as Red Ronnie, Dario Ballantini and Ivan Graziani were also represented.

Among the great novelties of this edition, one above all aims to make it unique.

In fact, as in the recent edition of Artparma Fair in October, the first crypto work in the world presented in the form of a digitised sculpture will be exhibited here in Padua, which with the aid of NFC technology combined with Cohesionism creates a harmonious dialogue between traditional art and digital art certified through NFT.

The work in question is the LOVE BOMB NFT by Pop artist Sara Arnaout, created in collaboration with the crypto artist we already know, Cupydo, who took care of the technological part, creating one of his characteristic digital grafts capable of dialoguing with the physical work.

A bomb made of ceramic, with an original cartoon style and a flaming fluorescent fuse.

While the digital work is entitled CRYPTO LIGHTER CS1 and is represented through the animation of a digital lighter on the surface of which a 'crypto love story' comes to life, whose protagonists include girls vomiting hearts, cute flying cupids with a thousand facets, UFOs and aliens.

Cupydo and Sara Arnaout

The curiosity aroused by this work is undeniable, as evidenced by the many photos online from the last modern and contemporary art fair held in Parma, where many curious onlookers, visitors, collectors and, above all, many children wanted to have their photo taken near the CRYPTO BOMB.

Instead, from 11 to 14 November at this edition of ArtePadova 2022, the original work will be on display at stand no. 200 in Hall 7.

Exclusive to its presentation is the well-known Milanese gallery Art Luxury Gallery di Raffaella Matrone, based in the heart of the Milanese metropolis and more precisely in via P. Sottocorno,27.

This gallery, Art Luxury, has succeeded in a short time in establishing itself and specialising in the sale of modern and contemporary works by artists with national and international influence. Marco Lodola, Walter Piacesi and Giuseppe Amadio are just some of the names of the most highly-rated artists represented by Art Luxury, although it does not underestimate emerging artists, sometimes becoming talent scouts, as in the case of artist Cristian Basile, who is already enjoying considerable artistic success with his huge, three-dimensional 'monkeys with headphones'.

The Art Luxury Gallery is a reality that knows how to renew but above all innovate, with an eye to new horizons, which has led it to be the first gallery in Europe to have embraced a new digital art movement, the one founded by its creator Cupydo, Cohesionism.

One of its main objectives is to create a harmonious dialogue between traditional art and digital art by managing to make them exist together.

These are the words that crypto artist Cupydo used to describe the work:

"For the first time ever, thanks to the collaboration of the extraordinary pop artist Sara Arnaout, we have succeeded in creating a physical work that, thanks to an internal microchip (or even through a QR-code for those who do not have NFC technology on their smartphones), is able to establish a dialogue with a digital work, an interactive work, as any person with a smartphone can initialise the digital graft certified as NFT.

But one thing I would particularly like to emphasise is that all digital grafts that I make and then certify as NFT are not for sale.

This is for one and only one reason:

My work consists of creating physical works to which I add a digital part by making them coexist.

For me, the digital graft represents the soul of the physical work, and the soul can only be sold to the devil.

I want the person who takes one of my works home to have the certainty that the artist's soul will live in it forever.

The collector will be able to enjoy the physical part as he sees fit, but in the knowledge that one cannot have control over someone else's soul.

This choice of mine succeeds in indissolubly linking work, artist and collector.

Of course, the collector can see at any time that the NFT linked to the physical work never leaves the digital wallet to which it belongs.

This is possible thanks to the certification on blockchain realised in collaboration with di Roberto Castaldo platform, which since 2018 have been a reference point within the Italian panorama for NFT certifications on Blockchain.

To verify that the NFT has not changed owner, simply scan the QR-code on the paper certificate that accompanies each physical work and see that the wallet address that will be displayed corresponds perfectly with the one on the certificate itself.

I chose to rely on the platform first and foremost because of the friendship that binds me to Roberto, a person who, even if you contact him in the middle of the night for "nerdy" advice, is always there to answer you.

On the other hand, from a professional point of view, I chose INarte so that every collector who decides to buy one of our works can always have the absolute certainty of having made a purchase in total transparency and legitimacy, something that in the art world lately seems to be taking second place.

It is certainly an original choice to transfer only part of the ownership of the work.

Perhaps one more reason for the collector to feel an even stronger bond between the work purchased and the artist himself.

Bringing the curious and visitors to admire the LOVE BOMB NFT at this edition of ArtePadova, the November issue of the magazine ARTE also did so, where an entire page was dedicated to the crypto work on display at Art Luxury's stand number 200.

Art expresses itself in all forms, changing over time following the evolution of man and his perceptions. Art reinvents itself through a new technological mode that combines NFTs and Blockchain systems. The new frontier of creativity is all digital and these kinds of exhibitions are key stages in a journey that aims to bring the generations traditionally interested in the old paradigm of art closer to future generations.

We, at Il Mio Salotto, are in the front row, and we will take you with us to discover more and more about this new way of making art.

We would like to thank the artist Cupydo infinitely for the exclusive participation he has granted us.

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