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NFT Certificates

Il Mio Salotto offers the creation and the secure storage of NFTs


NFT Certificates

What are NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are certificates of authenticity and unicity. 
NFTs function as a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on the blockchain, i.e. a digital ledger of data that cannot be modified, whose primary function is to certify transactions. In fact, its primary use is related to a cryptocurrency exchange. 

NFTs and Art

NFTs certify the authenticity of a work of art, marking it permanently and unalterably, without depending on an expert to assess its originality. Certified originality consequently allows for safe buying and selling.
A unique object is more desirable. This consequently increases its value.
Not only digital works
Let's dispel a recurring misconception. NFTs cover both digital and physical works of art, fulfilling the function of certificates of authenticity and unicity of the work.

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Il Mio Salotto, does not rely on existing platforms such as the famous OpenSea, but offers the service of certifying artworks with NFT  through its proprietary portal.

  • Our NFTs are not transferable, this unconventional choice, guarantees us to have always under control the history of the work, which will be updated by us at each change of property, and therefore guarantee and certify at all times who is the actual owner of the artwork.

  • Another purpose that we would like to achieve with the non-transferability of our NFTs is to avoid excessive speculation on the artworks, thus distorting the artistic value of the same.

  • When an artwork is purchased, be it physical or digital, two distinct NFTs are connected to it, one with the function of certificate of the artwork itself and one connected to the sale contract, which is also registered in blockchain for transparency.

  • Since there is no transfer of NFTs from one wallet to another, Il Mio Salotto has the function of the custodian of the NFTs on behalf of third parties, which in the face of a sale will become the legitimate owners of the NFT linked to the artwork of art, ensuring maximum security and traceability.

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If you are a collector, an artist, or an art gallery and want to register your artworks and certify them via NFTs

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