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With his photograph, Itto likes to tell the soul of a city. The atmosphere of a place as (for better or for worse) shaped by the people, but he wants to tell its character without the human presence (or very little). This is exactly what he often says: he shoots with his big camera in strange hours (he prefers the dawn) and chases the vibrations. He likes to consider the urban landscape as if the houses were people posing. He says that the shape of the buildings, the squares, the play of light and the reflections are never random.


Sometimes a wall with some wild plants attracts him, a road sign forgotten by a construction site ... Simple things that people don't give weight to, but that tell how people and the local culture interpret the places to live and walk . Itto follows traces of life, sensations, atmospheres. And he tells them, because he wants to accompany people to those places, to caress those mysterious and silent atmospheres.


Itto takes photographs. But he uses silver, light and water, he likes the "ancient" process, but he is not nostalgic. He belongs to that (not so thin!) Group of fans who prefer film to digital.
Not only because the "rendering" is different (and, for the good peace of photoshop fanatics ...) not reproducible through digital tools. But it is better not to enter into the argument with Itto: a kind of lesson in the theory of sensitometry begins and how silver salts interact with light, probably the topic "turns on" the scientific part. In summary: it does not matter how much more complex the way to silver is: Itto wants to shoot without seeing the result immediately, he wants to have only 10 shots (he loves the 6x7 format), then he loves to see the result emerge from a flow of water (develops alone), in the dim light ... He experiences it like magic.
He doesn't call himself young. But not too old either. He often says that he "has a lot of experience", so he has already lived many years, but he considers it even more important to have done many things, to cultivate passions, and among these photography is one of the most important. Perhaps the one that involves him the most.
His past echoes in the present: even his culture comes from a mix of experiences and experiences. Science and art mixed together. Undoubtedly a trace of his history is reflected in his "photograph". He loves ways that are not obvious and not taken for granted in all his choices. He does not get scared when faced with a rough road, if he is convinced of the destination.
Itto does not like to show himself, he is very reserved, and he does not like contact with people, that is why he wants to remain secret, that is why he has chosen this path: he wants to share his message and his works, without being recognized, entrusting the secret of his identity to a person who enjoys his utmost trust.

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