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The Gallery

"Il Mio Salotto" was born spontaneously from my work as an Administrative and Marketing Consultant.
Among the clients, I follow there are also brilliant artists, and collaborating with them I felt the need to create a space that could act both as a promotional showcase, and as a collector of articles related to art at 360 degrees, be it sculpture, painting, photography, drawing, music and much more.
I believe in the importance of human contact and interaction, this is the reason why, even if the price of each work is displayed, it is not possible to buy directly.

The purchase can be made by contacting me in the way you prefer, by email, or by clicking on the "let's chat" box.

You can share with me any question, doubt, or curiosity you may have.
I will be your direct intermediary with the artists, obviously, if your request goes beyond my competence, it will be my concern to forward it directly to the artist in question.
All this to always guarantee you the best answer possible.
"Il Mio Salotto" is a new concept for bringing art into your homes, aimed at amateurs, experts, art lovers, or, simply, anyone who is attracted to this space.

Can't wait to talk with you!



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