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"Il Mio Salotto" is a space where we talk about art, in all its facets.
It is not an online gallery, it is not an e-commerce, but this is an unconventional Artist promotion agency.
In this space, you will find artists whose styles and techniques used are not necessarily similar or complementary but are still here together as my welcome guests.
My aim is to bring art as close as possible to the final user, giving importance to direct contact, eliminating the formality of official art galleries and the impersonality of e-commerces.
I'm here to guide you in your purchase and to give you any information or curiosity you may have about each work, the technique used, and the Artists themselves.

Each piece is original and selected for you with care and love.

Let's support art and the Artists!

Image by Hendrik Will


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My Guests

Duca Savino.jpg

Duca Savino


Engraver - Sculptor - Painter

Luca Savino, aka "Duca" is Italian, born in 1986, born and raised in Padua but currently resides in Palermo even if he has a nomadic soul.
From an early age he shows his interest and indisputable talent especially towards painting. “I was observing my mother painter and my grandfather, who was dedicated to author's fakes. I liked learning by playing with them ”. As a teenager, he used his passion to paint T-shirts for friends.
In addition to painting, he devoted himself to sculpture and already at the age of nine, in 2012 he held his first professional exhibitions.
He spent his university years in the hills of the Marche and a year in a cave in Granada in Andalusia, and these experiences made him understand that he wanted to be an artist by profession, and to make painting his first commitment, because for him painting arises from the need to float in his world and search for himself.


KaBae logo.png

Abstract Painter

Karin Baedeker is German, born and raised in Bergkirchen in the Bavarian countryside. She lives between the city of Munich and Bergkirchen.

She studied art history at the LMU in Munich, and during her university years lived between Munich, Bamberg, and Hamburg.

Her art is abstract, she loves to play with colors and shapes of natural and non-natural elements, a peculiarity of her technique is the use of a palette knife and potatoes to create writings and different layers on the canvas.





Through his photograph, Itto likes to express the soul of a city. The atmosphere of a place is, for better or for worse, shaped by the people, but he wants to tell its character without the human presence (or very little).

This is exactly what he often says: he shoots with his big camera at weird hours (he prefers the dawn) and chases the "good vibes". He likes to consider the urban landscape as if the houses were people posing. He supposes that the shape of the buildings, the squares, the play of light, and the reflections are never random.

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A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

(Colin Powell)

It always seems impossible until it's done.

(Nelson Mandela)

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